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Session for Industry

On Wednesday, May 6 2015 from 14:00 to 16:00, we will have a special two hour Session for Industry. The format of this session is a set of short statements on various aspects of industry/laboratory/university partnerships, followed by a moderated panel discussion. The Chair and Moderator for this session is Sandra Biedron (Colorado State University).

Introduction: Session Topics and Focus
S. Biedron (CSU)
5 min
Technology Transfer Success from a National Laboratory to Industry
R. Geometrante (Kyma)
8 min
An Engineer's Perspective - Industry vs Lab vs University
B. Fritsche (Ampegon)
8 min
A Physicist's Perspective
Speaker to be determined
8 min
Strategies for Teaming with Labs
M. Plesko (COSYLab)
8 min
University Transfer to Industry
J. Cary (Tech-X)
8 min
A Funding Agent's Viewpoint
E. Colby (DOE)
8 min
A Funding Agent's Viewpoint
N. Moon (DHS)
8 min
Ways to Strengthen Relations from Industry's Viewpoint
B. Hamm (RM Technologies)
8 min
Panel Discussion: Questions from Moderator and Audience
Moderator: S. Biedron (CSU)
50 min