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IPAC'15 Excursion

On May 9, 2015 join us for a day-long excursion to tour Jefferson Lab and visit America'€™s Revolutionary City, Colonial Williamsburg.

Jefferson Lab Tour

At 8:45 a.m., buses will depart Richmond to transport IPAC15 attendees and their guests to Newport News, Va., home of Jefferson Lab and its Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility. CEBAF is a recirculating, superconducting electron linear accelerator with a maximum design energy of 12 GeV. CEBAF repeatedly accelerates electrons around a racetrack-shaped machine, featuring two linacs on the opposite straight sides of the racetrack and a series of recirculation bending magnets in the racetrack arcs. The superconducting linacs allow for a continuous beam for simultaneous delivery into up to three of four experimental end stations for experiments. CEBAF is used for studies of the hadron spectra as probes of QCD; studies of the transverse, longitudinal and 3D structure of the hadrons, studies of hadrons and cold nuclear matter, and low-energy tests of the Standard Model and Fundamental Symmetries.

The tour of the facility will feature portions of the accelerator and the experimental halls. The lab will also open up its world-leading superconducting radiofrequency accelerator R&D facilities for the tour, featuring the spaces where more cryomodules and different cryomodule designs have been constructed and tested than any other facility. Lab staff will provide brief overviews of each area and will be available to answer any questions. Visitors may take photos.

Please Note

As part of the IPAC ‘15 tour scheduled for Saturday, May 9, 2015 at Jefferson Lab, you will be taking a tour of a portion of the lab. To participate in this tour in advance of the tour please register on Jefferson Lab’s online tour database – using the link provided below no later than Tuesday, May 5, 2015. Each guest must sign in separately with their legal name and full address:

Click Here for JLab Tour Site Registration

Please read the information presented as you complete your online registration. If you have any questions, email or call Mike Robbins at 757-269-7617 as soon as possible.

For the tour and for your safety:

  • Wear long pants or slacks – Shorts, capri pants, skirts, and dresses are not permitted.
  • Wear short or long-sleeved shirts. Sleeveless shirts or tank tops are not permitted.
  • Wear flat or low-heeled, closed-toe shoes. Sandals, open-toe or high heel shoes are not permitted.

For identification purposes:

Visitors with a REAL ID Compliant state-issued driver's license or ID card: Currently, drivers' licenses from the following states are not compliant with the REAL ID Act: American Samoa, Arizona, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire and New York (The following link will help you determine whether your state’s drivers' licenses and IDs are compliant with the federal REAL ID Act: .)

Visitors WITHOUT a REAL ID Compliant state-issued driver's license or ID card: The visitor must present one of the other identifications listed on the Department of Homeland Security website: . Note: College, university, and K-12 teacher and student picture IDs are not considered REAL IDs. Picture IDs other than those listed in the referenced web sites will not be accepted as REAL IDs. Actual documents are required for verification. Electronic (cell phone or tablet) and paper pictures of actual documents (e.g. passports, green cards) will not be accepted as REAL IDs.

International Visitors: Contact Sue Ewing, Visa/Immigration Administrator, for specific guidance. In some cases, pre-approval from the US Department of Energy is required prior to a visitor coming onsite.

If you are a Jefferson Lab employee, user, or student and have a personal Jefferson Lab assigned dosimeter, you must pick it up prior to the tour and wear it.

The tour starts at 10:00 a.m. and will meet in front of the CEBAF Center.

Cameras and smartphones are always welcome! We look forward to your visit to Jefferson Lab.

Colonial Williamsburg

After a visit to Jefferson Lab, IPAC15 attendees and their guests will be transported to Colonial Williamsburg, America's Revolutionary City. There, visitors may take a self-guided tour through the 18th century city's weapons depots, the Governor's Palace, art museums, gardens, craft shops and homes. Colonial Williamsburg also offers an interactive spy game, shopping and interactive historic recreations. See the Colonial Williamsburg website for more information about visitor opportunities:

At the end of the day, buses will transport IPAC15 and their guests back to the conference hotels, with a brief stop at the Richmond International Airport (for those with late evening flights).

The price for this day-long excursion is $65 per person, and it includes transportation, the free tour of Jefferson Lab, a ticket for Colonial Williamsburg, and a boxed lunch. Pre-registration for this excursion is required with your conference registration and seating is limited.

If you'd like to get an idea of what Colonial Williamsburg has to offer you can check out their interactive map (external-link): Colonial Willimsburg

Time Activity Description
8:15am Tour personnel at bus pick-up location outside conference
8:30am Oleta buses begin to load personnel and head to Jefferson Lab
10:00am Buses begin to arrive at CEBAF Center
10:00-12:30pm Tour of Tunnel, MCC, Test Lab and Hall A
12:45-1:15pm Lunch
1:15pm Load and go to Colonial Williamsburg
1:45pm Arrive Colonial Williamsburg
5:45pm Buses load and leave Colonial Williamsburg
7:15pm Buses stop at Richmond International Airport
7:45pm Buses arrive at conference hotel

Jefferson Lab Virtual Tour

Can't wait for the official tour? Take a Virtual Tour of the Lab:

Virtual Tour